Top 5 FAQs

Q1. Where is Hilltop Alliance located?

A1. We are located at 831 East Warrington Avenue, Second Floor in Pittsburgh, PA. View our map for more information.


Q2: How do I apply for a rent abatement grant?

A2. Great question! Check out our Business District Revitalization Section for complete information.


Q3: How do I know if I qualify for your Fresh Fridays program?

A3: To learn if you qualify, please visit the Fresh Fridays on the Hilltop and Community-Building section of our website.


Q4. I would like to access the resources of your Property Stabilization Program. Where do I go for more information?

Q4: Please visit the Property Stabilization Program section of our site for complete details on our extensive programs.


Q5. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Hilltop Urban Farm! When will you officially open?

A5: We are excited that Hilltop Urban Farm is generating the attention of media and individuals alike! Throughout 2018, we are actively building the farm and seeding it for production. In 2019, our Farmers’ Market, Youth Farm, public education and tree planting opportunities will be available to the public. We will also begin accepting applications for our Farmer Incubation Program in 2019, with the first class of farmers slated to begin tilling the land in 2020. Check out the Hilltop Urban Farm website and get social with us today!